We organize into three types of sessions

Meet the Rat

For first timers , beginners or dogs who's prey drive needs a wake up . Meet the Rat is an above the ground introduction to our rats.

Also helpful as a warm up for Novice dogs.                         

 $5 per dog 


Still above the ground but with the introduction of pieces of tunnel. From a short peek up to a ten foot tunnel with a zig zag. Dogs begin tounderstand they can fit in the tunnel and that there is a prize at the end !      

$10 per dog 

Go to Ground

Introduction to AKC Regulation underground tunnels for Quarry , Junior and Senior 

$10 per dog 

How it works

Each dog recieves multiple chances in a session , are often given some time 

 to "let in sink in "and then go agin . We always want to end with a successful experience . 

What level do I enter ?

If you or your dog is new start with Meet the Rat , you are welcome to move up the ladder as the day goes by. Some folks like to repeat their last successful level , but also sign up for the next step.